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My First Website

Category : Uncategorized · No Comments · by May 29th, 2016

This isn’t my first website. I mean, it’s my first domain, but by no means my first build on it. I’ve used this domain for years to test out different CMS, different code, and just as online storage sometimes.
But, as I was going through some old files a few days ago, I found the first version of this website I ever put live. Shortly after learning HTML in college I went out and bought my domain and attempted to create my own site. I even attempted to build WordPress partially into it, which was my first attempt at PHP, which did eventually work.
Sure, it’s a fairly ugly site, but it was interesting to look back at my first attempt at a full site. Using mostly flat HTML, it wasn’t too flashy, but it did what I wanted it to.
Home Page
Things like having a Home page purely for navigation seems odd now.
I’ve since gotten lazier and installed somebody else’s much nicer theme on my site after a few variations of my own. Still looking at old work has made me think I might go back to a personal build some day when I find the time.