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Text: 3D Bend

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Text: 3D Bend

I came across a pretty cool text effect, and decided to test it out. These bend along a path examples…

Fixture List Print Design

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Fixture List Print Design

I visited Liverpool for a long weekend last year. While in a hotel lobby looking through the brochures for the…

Realex Web Awards 2016

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The Realex Web Awards took place in the Liberty Hall Theatre last month, and I got to head along.

It was my first time at the awards, and the first time a website I worked on was nominated.

98FM was up for the Best Media Website award, and for the third year running (my first year with them as a designer) 98FM won.

Here’s proof!

My First Website

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This isn’t my first website. I mean, it’s my first domain, but by no means my first build on it. I’ve used this domain for years to test out different CMS, different code, and just as online storage sometimes.
But, as I was going through some old files a few days ago, I found the first version of this website I ever put live. Shortly after learning HTML in college I went out and bought my domain and attempted to create my own site. I even attempted to build WordPress partially into it, which was my first attempt at PHP, which did eventually work.
Sure, it’s a fairly ugly site, but it was interesting to look back at my first attempt at a full site. Using mostly flat HTML, it wasn’t too flashy, but it did what I wanted it to.
Home Page
Things like having a Home page purely for navigation seems odd now.
I’ve since gotten lazier and installed somebody else’s much nicer theme on my site after a few variations of my own. Still looking at old work has made me think I might go back to a personal build some day when I find the time.

Disappearing line breaks in WordPress posts

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This is something that has been bothering me for the past few months, and I am adding here so I can always find the (very simple) solution.

Recently when adding posts to one of the sites I run I was having issues with my line breaks, <br>, disappearing. This is due to the WordPress editor tidying up the code and removing empty values. That seems fair enough, but can be extremely frustrating when trying to tidy the layout of your post.


The workaround for this is to use the text view of your post and add the line break through HTML, with a class added to it. The below will ensure that your line breaks will not be removed and your formatting will stay as intended..

<br class=”blank”>





Image taken from

Dublin Film Makers Meetup Group

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I set up an account on several years ago at the suggestion of a college lecturer. I attended one meeting of a group that she was involved in that week. For years since I have been receiving sporadic emails from the website, trying to entice me back by letting me know about new groups that are in my area. Recently, one finally caught my attention to reel me in.


I have had an interest in the film making process for years, and in particular in video editing. My problem has been a lack of experience and a lack of contacts involved in film. So a meet up group for film makers in Dublin seemed perfect. I went along to the next meet up that had been organised, and within a few days had been involved in the making of a short film. Admittedly it was a small role helping out the main editor but it was great to see how quickly the entire process, from brainstorming ideas to finalising an edit, could flow.

The short was shown as part of a small event in Temple Bar, where a horror movie was shown each week. The organisers wanted a short film to show before each movie. For this week the film was Vampyr, so obviously we went with a vampire theme.

Vampire Blues from Robert O’Meara on Vimeo.

While by no means perfect, it is great to see a creative group of people get together and create something over the space of two or three days, and I will certainly be going back for more.

Quiet Time

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There was a competition at work a week ago to make a video outlining your favourite feature of Windows 8.1. The deadline for the contest was extremely tight with only a few evenings to put everything together.

Below is my submission which outlines a new feature called Quiet Time. To make the video I used software I had never used before (just to add an extra challenge), Expression Encoder to do the screen capture and Sony Vegas 12 for the editing, which as it turns out are both really good tools.

I tried to keep my video someway in line with Windows 8 commercials and styling I had seen. Although the time restrictions meant there were some mistakes and transitions that weren’t quite polished enough it was enough for me to win!

The Return of Bebo

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The Return of Bebo

Back in 2006, in the early days of my college life, I took on a project exploring the spread and…

Microsoft to buy Nokia

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Microsoft to buy Nokia

Microsoft today announced that they are to buy Nokia’s phone manufacturing department early in 2014, pending a Nokia stakeholders vote….

Windows Phone 8 emulator button not appearing in Visual Studio 2012?

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Windows Phone 8 emulator button not appearing in Visual Studio 2012?

This is an issue I discovered yesterday after downloading the Windows Phone SDK and trying to build a small app…