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Quiet Time

Category : Editing, Windows 8 · No Comments · by Dec 1st, 2013

There was a competition at work a week ago to make a video outlining your favourite feature of Windows 8.1. The deadline for the contest was extremely tight with only a few evenings to put everything together.

Below is my submission which outlines a new feature called Quiet Time. To make the video I used software I had never used before (just to add an extra challenge), Expression Encoder to do the screen capture and Sony Vegas 12 for the editing, which as it turns out are both really good tools.

I tried to keep my video someway in line with Windows 8 commercials and styling I had seen. Although the time restrictions meant there were some mistakes and transitions that weren’t quite polished enough it was enough for me to win!

Building a very basic Windows 8 app with ZipApp

Category : App, Windows 8 · No Comments · by Aug 7th, 2013
Building a very basic Windows 8 app with ZipApp

I was recently given a presentation on building apps for Windows 8 & Windows Phone 8 using a, so…