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Windows Phone 8 emulator button not appearing in Visual Studio 2012?

Category : App, Visual Studio · by Aug 9th, 2013

This is an issue I discovered yesterday after downloading the Windows Phone SDK and trying to build a small app in Visual Studio 2012. Now, had I read the system requirements I would have known to check this before I attempted an install, but I didn’t, I assumed my laptop could run the SDK fine.

It installed relatively hiccup free but when I went to run my app on an emulator I realised I didn’t have the option. Instead I was only given the ‘Device’ option.

Visual Studio no emulator option

Visual Studio no emulator option

After some searching I discovered that in order to run the emulator my computer needed to support SLAT (Second Level Address Translation). There is a tool to check if your computer does support SLAT here:


+Thomas Geraghty