Code Red was a campaign run by 98FM where people on the street were given the chance to win €98,000 if they correctly guessed a code.

Dublin Talks presenters Adrian & Jeremy were locked in a large cube, which acted as the centre piece to the event.

A large element of the campaign was based around a countdown clock. The value of the money to be won went down over time, and the presenters had to complete several time challenges.

I designed the digital display ads for the campaign. This involved versions of digital display for pre-event, and for when the event was on-going. 

For the pre-event I wanted to incorporate the countdown element, and so built a timer to count down the hours, minutes, and seconds, until the event launched. Below is the 2016 MPU.

Here are some of the other assets I created for 2017.

And here is a video I edited to promote the campaign in 2017:

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