I visited Liverpool for a long weekend last year. While in a hotel lobby looking through the brochures for the cities attractions, I came across a small fold-out card for Everton Football Club, with a list of their fixtures for the season.

It’s a very simple idea, but I immediately thought about how something like this could be useful for my local Irish team, Galway United.

In a city full of tourists, most of whom would be completely unaware of the existence of a football club in the area, placing these in hostels, hotels, and bars throughout the city seems a good way to draw in new fans from the throngs of people passing through.

Last month, I decided I needed to brush up on my InDesign. Most of the work I do is digital, so InDesign is a piece of software I like to keep on top of by picking small, simple projects to work on.So this fixture list seemed an ideal thing to test out. Below is the result:

There are a couple of tweaks (such as adding a map) that would improve the usefulness of the list, but with the template now built, it’s a very re-usable piece of work for future seasons.


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