I have spent several years now working as a designer. In this time I’ve had to design assets for 100’s of brands. These assets range from simple images to post on Facebook to large scale outdoor campaigns.

When creating these assets, no matter how small, there are certain things that the brand need to provide a designer with. The most important of these being their brand guidelines.

Recently I decided I’d spend an afternoon working on my own brand guidelines. It’s absolutely not something that I need, considering I’m the only designer that will be working on my own brand. But I felt it might be helpful for me to define my look in a single document. This would force me to take a closer look at exactly how I see my own design work, and may help with consistency in the long run.

So, as part of this, I worked on my colour palette, I created a very simple logo and some variations, and chose a font to use across my own work.

I didn’t go into huge detail, as again I feel it unnecessary, but it feels like a good point to work from.

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