The City Speaks is an immersive podcast series exploring street art in the Smithfield / Dublin 7 area. The podcast allows users to explore Dublin by providing a route by which to discover the street art of the city. Each of the seven episodes focuses on a different piece of street art and feature discussions with the creators – Subset, Signs Of Power, James Earley, Vadis & Tilf. A bespoke mural was created by Hephee for the 6th & final stop of the tour in the Jameson Distillery.

My role in this project was to design the overall look and style of the campaign. This included the design of the logo, multimedia guide (web page), and digital display.

Logo Design

The logo for this campaign brings together many of the overall themes of the podcast. It felt appropriate to use a large variety of colour to portray the different stories of Dublin, and styles of art discussed in the series. The overall shape marries together street art and sound waves.

Graffiti Style

Each piece of street art discussed in the series was created in a unique style. I wanted to create a look that would tie each of these pieces together in the campaign, but without losing the impact of the art itself. My main concern at this point was to be as respectful as possible to the artists. In the below gallery I’ve shown the original photographs of each art piece, alongside my interpretation of it for The City Speaks project.

Web Design

The largest element of the campaign was the creation of the multimedia guide. This is the web page users visit and use to move from stop to stop visiting and listening to the story of each art piece. It had to incorporate a convenient way of listening to each podcast, and a map to follow it. This can be viewed on the Lovin Dublin website HERE. I have also added a couple of images of the design below.

Display Ads

Below is a small example of some of the display ads for the campaign.